ZenSports partners with Paysafe’s Income Access for upcoming affiliate programme

ZenSports, a mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) sports-betting marketplace with a focus on the international market, has announced a new partnership with Income Access, Paysafe’s marketing technology and services provider. Building on ZenSports’ existing partnership with Paysafe’s Skrill digital wallet, the new deal will see ZenSports launch an affiliate programme on the Income Access affiliate marketing platform, while leveraging its in-house affiliate team and network.

Launched in March 2019, ZenSports is accessible through a native mobile app that enables bettors to create real-money sports wagers that can be accepted by other users within the brand’s mobile marketplace. By implementing a penalty and reward system that requires everyone to act in good faith, ZenSports has created a decentralised marketplace that eliminates the role of the bookmaker and ensures a transparent, trustworthy environment for betting on sports. The innovative design allows ZenSports to charge 50% to 90% lower fees than traditional sportsbooks.

Downloadable via the App Store (iOS) and company website (Android), ZenSports’ mobile-first approach reflects its commitment to becoming the sports-betting product of the future for key audiences, including the millennial demographic. ZenSports also features its own cryptocurrency utility token called SPORTS, which customers can use to place bets, pay discounted betting fees, and earn rewards as part of a loyalty and rewards programme.

To further diversify its payments offering and strengthen its overall brand, ZenSports integrated Paysafe’s Skrill digital wallet in July 2019.

Going forward, ZenSports’ unique product offering will benefit from resources made available through its expanded Paysafe partnership and, more specifically, its integration with the Income Access Network and guidance received from the provider’s in-house team of affiliate marketing experts. The network and affiliate team each leverage the Income Access platform’s full suite of tracking and reporting tools, which support performance-based marketing decisions.

Available to international bettors outside the United States, ZenSports currently supports wagering on soccer, basketball, American football (NFL games), MMA, eSports, and more. A comprehensive list of all available leagues can be found on the ZenSports website.

Mark Thomas, CEO and co-founder at ZenSports, said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Income Access. They have an incredible network of affiliates that we know will love to use and promote our product. Their team has been instrumental in helping set up ZenSports for a successful launch in the coming weeks.”

Tara Wilson, SVP and General Manager at Paysafe’s Income Access, said: “Partnering with an internationally recognised brand like ZenSports is very exciting for Income Access and we look forward to supporting the growth of its unique product offering. We’re very much looking forward to the forthcoming programme launch and building on ZenSports’ existing business relationship with our Skrill sister brand.”