VR Fight Club set to revolutionize esports scene

BetConstruct has a long tradition of showcasing innovation at ICE London and debuting one-of-a-kind VR products. A new addition to the family of solutions for simulated environment is VR Fight Club. The brand new product is an application, built in-house by BetConstruct which simultaneously caters to two audiences.

VR Fight Club offers the most realistic and emotional PvP boxing simulator allowing its users to train at the ring and have a fight with real opponents. Basing the game on the principle of tournament, BetConstruct delivers an evolving gaming experience for anyone who wants to vent out stress and emotions.

“VR simulators have been around for a while, allowing people who are far from certain activities to try their best through VR and touch the atmosphere that is crafted to be close to the real thing.” says Rafayel Badalyan, BetConstruct’s Chief Innovations Officer. “Our VR Fight Club is a game, a workout routine and the next big thing in esports.” BetConstruct reimagines the combat in a virtual arena and takes it to the walls of its Esports department where e-athletes contribute to one of the biggest revenue-generating markets – ebetting. While still in development for the esports integration, VR Fight Club will have its special showcase at ICE London at Boulevard Space MS8. VR team will gladly welcome the visitors to test the VR Fight Club game as well as take part in a raffle.