Pragmatic Play rolls out fast-growing Live Casino offering

For many years, Live Casino has nestled perfectly between land-based casino and the online experience, playing an essential part in the acquisition and retention of players. Live Casino brings forward a multitude of cross-selling opportunities when deployed as part of a clearly defined marketing strategy. The vertical’s success stems from the loyal following which covers multiple demographic sectors, with a considerable potential to expand.

Offering an immersive casino experience to a modern-day iGaming sector which demands products at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, Live Casino is evolving and becoming ever more relevant to players. With its vast appeal and technological advancements, the vertical’s desirability will likely increase.

Live Casino serves as a perfect tool to keep players of all interests and demographics engaged, building on the element of interactivity. This makes it the perfect dwell zone for players in between betting on sports fixtures, for example.

The sector is primed for innovation, and those willing to invest in the latest technology to deliver what the modern player requires will be able to take advantage of the market.

Investment in the latest technology has brought many benefits to the table. A decade ago, pointing a single camera in the direction of a table for an experience likely watched on a desktop was the market standard. Now, with the latest 4K camera technology, the Live Casino vertical is incredibly immersive and more interactive than ever.

Multiple HD cameras can focus on a game at any time, offering unparalleled levels of player engagement thanks to the ability to choose from multiple viewpoints. Fundamentally, Live Casino games aim to replicate and often enhance the experience of being on the casino floor. With that come the ease, simplicity and flexibility of being able to access content from multiple devices on the go, on mobile devices.

As with any product, keeping players enthralled is paramount. This can be done with in-game promotions, instant win elements and free bonuses which deliver a level of interactivity and engagement that help boosting revenue.

In a market which some believe is over-saturated, suppliers need to pay close attention to feedback from their partners and tailor products accordingly. Delivering brand-oriented, customisable Live Casino experiences will be instrumental in taking the vertical to the next level, together with advanced streaming capabilities and enhanced mobile functionality.

In recent years we’ve gone from a rising star slot supplier to a well-established, multi-product provider. Our award-winning suite of games and Live products continue to go from strength to strength. Running alongside popular bingo products and a few other ideas that are in the works, Live Casino forms an important element in our quest to become the industry’s leading multi-product supplier.

The Pragmatic Play Live Casino environment, with its customisable solution, offers a simple path for operators. The product they receive is a state-of-the-art one, which can be tailored to the specific requirements rather than an out of the box solution.

Live Casino is already showing huge potential for operators, and it is now possible for those who strike while the iron is hot to take advantage of this flourishing market. If they integrate it properly, the possibilities are out there for the taking.