OneTouch: Live Dealer product a hit

Head of Live Dealer Taago Tamm talks to GIO about the company’s recent foray into live dealer games

GIO: Earlier this year, you launched a new live dealer product. Having been live for a few weeks now, how is it performing?

TT: Assessing the performance of our Blackjack game a few weeks on from its launch, we feel very positive about the results we’ve achieved so far. Having said that, there’s always room for further growth and improvement, so we continue to refine and update the product as and when new customer feedback arises.


GIO: Have you made any new additions to the product since launching it?

TT: We have integrated a brand-new Bet Behind feature, as well as making additional enhancements to the product’s design and layout. We know that in a market as crowded as today’s iGaming industry, it’s critical to stay ahead of the curve – and our new live dealer product is no exception.

For that reason, even though our engaging series of games have proved impressively popular, we’re going to continue to do everything we can to ensure the product stands out even further from the crowd.


GIO: The product is crypto-compatible. Does that give you greater scope to reach new audiences?

TT: Certainly. Crypto-currencies are one of the hottest trends around today – and that applies both within and beyond our industry. As a team of passionate crypto enthusiasts ourselves, we take real pride and pleasure in providing our titles to the crypto fans out there who are looking to enjoy something new and different.

I predict that crypto-currencies will be one of the most important factors determining the direction in which our industry goes. Having said that, our new live dealer products works just as well with conventional currencies – so we cater to the full range of player preferences.


GIO: Finally, is there a gap in the live-dealer market for mobile-first, and if so how have you filled it?

TT: In my view, that gap undoubtedly exists. Any time we are working on a new product here at OneTouch, we like to start by sitting down to brainstorm how we can create the best possible experience for our players. Since most of them are mobile-first, such devices tend to take centre stage.

We’ve taken the right first steps to provide people with premium quality entertainment on the move, but we also work tirelessly each day to improve the experiences we offer even further. Personally, I feel really excited for the future of our Live Dealer product and cannot wait to provide players with an even more impressive entertainment experience in the period to come.