NuxGame upgrades to Agent System

NuxGame has released its first set of updates of the year with a particular emphasis on its prominent Agent System, significantly enhancing the user experience.

The rollout will see the introduction of a new dashboard which includes enhanced analytics, an updated layout and advanced graphics that provide a clear overview of essential data. The new dashboard also features advanced commission reports.

Additional Agent System updates include fields and roles with permission grouping for better organization. The innovative new agent transfer feature gives agents the ability to transfer players from one tree to another.

NuxGame has also integrated an advanced KYC system, along with a new monthly report generator for organisations and agents. Additionally, heightened security measures in the form of a user block feature are now present.

Alongside these Agent System upgrades, the Sports control page has received an upgrade, meaning users can now prioritise individual countries for sports. Moreover, a new method for sports has been added to the API.

NuxGame’s Agent System is a multi-level agent network that has a proven track record in streamlining and simplifying the monitoring of businesses and as a result, boosting their profitability.

Daniel Heywood, CEO at NuxGame, said: “At NuxGame, we thrive on consistently finding ways to improve efficiencies in our Agent System and overall business model and we ensure the bar is constantly being raised meaning we can reliably exceed user expectations.

“We are thrilled with how the latest updates to our Agent System have developed and have no doubt operators will find great value in these upgrades and additions.”