Lottomart launches on Rockolo’s Cloud technology

Rockolo helps Lottomart launch as the first Gibraltar-licensed “born on the cloud” operator.

Lottomart was established in 2017 and from day one has leveraged Rockolo’s powerful cloud technology for IT infrastructure hosting. This has allowed the operator to scale up/out in line with demand while only paying for the resources used each month.

Lottomart is using Rockolo’s Gibraltar and London clouds; the former for its development environments and the latter to deliver lower latency to UK players. The operator recently attained its Gibraltar licence and will use Rockolo’s Gibraltar cloud for this element of its licensed activity.

Danny Hook, Managing Director of Rockolo, said: “We are thrilled that Lottomart opted to host its IT infrastructure in our cloud. In doing so, the operator has been able to streamline IT costs and reroute savings into other aspects of its business.”

Ashley Lang, Lottomart CEO, said: “Rockolo’s cloud offering allows for rapid expansion of our new and exciting egaming products without the need for capital expenditure from the outset. Their pay-by-the-hour model allows the infrastructure to scale with our business.”

Darren Hudson, Lottomart CTO, added: “From a technical perspective, the Rockolo solution allows us to build elastic scale up and scale out applications, whilst the hardware remains in Gibraltar.  The OpenStack APIs allow for developer access to the infrastructure programmatically, thus allowing us to create and deploy environments, on the fly, from the code base.”

Operators and supplier’s using Rockolo’s cloud platform only pay for the resources they use, creating a flexible springboard for start-ups and innovators.

This includes businesses looking to take advantage of Gibraltar’s recently regulated blockchain and cryptocurrency market.