Konami and GamingAnalytics.AI announce partnership

The leading casino systems developer initiates joint collaborative efforts with the industry’s first self-learning, artificial intelligence platform.

Konami Gaming, Inc. and GamingAnalytics.AI announced a partnership for rapid delivery of Gaming Analytics.AI’s self-learning, artificial intelligence-driven analytics platform to Konami customers across the globe.

Leveraging data through Konami’s SYNKROS® casino management system with GamingAnalytics.AI’s search-driven cognitive computing platform, users across the enterprise can ask questions via search bar or voice commands and receive instant answers, instead of constructing complex queries. GamingAnalytics.AI’s self-learning platform continuously improves with use, providing slot machine recommendations, predicting player behaviours and identifying actions to improve player experience and operational profitability.

“Konami’s SYNKROS system is known in the industry for providing robust, operator-centric solutions, and we are thrilled for the opportunity to partner on making data analytics more intuitive and accessible,” said GamingAnalytics.AI Founder & CEO Kiran Brahmandam. “Many property teams today are drowning in data, and existing data analytics solutions in our industry are complex, labour-intensive, and prohibitively expensive. By partnering together, GamingAnalytics.AI and Konami have created a first of its kind in the industry: fast time-to-value data analytics product that is affordable, and actionable.”

Under this partnership, SYNKROS and GamingAnalytics.AI empower teams to focus on meaningful decision-making, rather than gathering data and navigating report generators.

“By combining the vast array of data captured through SYNKROS’ with the power of GamingAnalytics.AI’s natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we can transform the way operators use their existing data to drive operational profitability,” said Jay Bertsch, vice president, global systems sales at Konami Gaming, Inc. “We are excited for the opportunity to bring award-winning technology from both companies together in order to advance the interests of our customers and the industry as a whole.”