KamaGames Continues its Growth of Video Poker App Through New Games Launches.

KamaGames releases updates to its video poker app.

KamaGames, the largest European social casino operator, has today announced the latest in a series of updates to its standalone Video Poker app.

Following the launch of KamaGames’ standalone app in the latter half of 2019, the company has steadily built its portfolio of video poker machines to include popular titles such as Multi-Hand Video Poker, Double Bonus and Joker Poker. The company is happy to report that to-date, Deuces Wild, one of the first titles introduced to the Video Poker app, is the most popular machine among KamaGames’ expansive user base.

Video Poker has proved itself to be a strong success since its introduction, with a particularly noticeable following in the USA where the majority of players and revenue originate from. The company attributes this success to the app’s niche qualities in comparison to other video poker products on the social casino market. For players, the entry point for this game was exceedingly impressive, which KamaGames attributes to the highly original features which the company report are the foundation of this app.

Player retention also stood to be the highest across KamaGames’ entire portfolio of social casino titles, along with player engagement in terms of time spent within the game. In fact, 49% of players returned to the Video Poker app following the first day of its installation on their chosen device.

Furthering their commitment to innovation, each new title introduced to Video Poker in recent months has included creative features that ensured unique gameplay for KamaGames’ user base. For instance, in Multi-Hand Video Poker, players are able to play up to 25 hands at once, ensuring that only those with laser-sharp focus and keen concentration will emerge from the game victorious.

In another recent Video Poker title, Double Bonus, players are offered enticing incentives as a reward for securing superior hands. Players lucky enough to hold a 4-of-a-kind hand in Double Bonus will see a higher payout than in other titles.

Building on these resounding successes, KamaGames’ latest release Joker Poker, saw the versatility of the Joker card put to the test. In Joker Poker, only the players who can strategize swiftly and utilize this card to its full power will triumph over their opponents. Joker Poker closely followed the established formula of Video Poker’s previous releases, keeping in line with the themes of originality in terms of gameplay and unpredictability in regard to potential hand combinations and game outcomes.

KamaGames CEO Andrey Kuznetsov commented, “We could not be more proud of the success of our Video Poker app. We launched Video Poker with the intention of providing players with something refreshingly new and engaging. Like with every game we launch, we are striving to challenge players at every skill level and I think the offering contained within Video Poker is more than enough to achieve that goal. That said, I would advise players to keep a close eye on the app throughout the year ahead for even more exciting innovations and additions to the app.”

KamaGames has plans to deliver a number of impressive updates on the Video Poker app within the coming weeks. Each update will introduce new machines, features and enticing jackpots, aimed at increasing overall player retention even further.

Video Poker is now available via the App Store and Google Play along with KamaGames’ complete portfolio of social casino games.