Jada Gaming talks Jada Brain

Alberto Alfieri, Jada Gaming co-founder, talks to GIO about the company's latest innovation, helping businesses optimise operations in the iGaming space

GIO: What’s Jada Brain all about?

AA: Our Jada Brain is a full data, end-to-end platform that utilises AI and Machine Learning to solve daily business problems which operators and affiliates come up against. A core element is its ability to present information in a way that lets operators visualise data with instant clarity.

The platform leverages modern infrastructure, with independently and easily configurable modules to enable quick integration with operators. This seamless integration gives operators the authority to scale to fit their growth strategy and targets.

Providing operators with flexible control over data means they can optimise marketing spend for affiliation optimisation and VIP identification, while it also improves operational efficiency for elements such as chat analysis. Every area that the Jada Brain solution applies itself to is better and therefore ROI increases.


GIO: How can AI be used by iGaming operators? In what ways can AI – and Jada Brain – affect an operator’s bottom line?

AA: AI excels at helping iGaming operators provide personalised content, fraud detection and develop responsible gaming infrastructure by quickly identifying problem gamblers. Fraud is a blight on the industry and there have been too many cases of users manipulating free bets or enhanced odds offers to then hunt arbitrage opportunities on other sites.

In some instances, we’ve seen a marketing campaign lose a staggering £50k in 24 hours as there were no preventative measures in place to predict or analyse the full consequences of the campaign. Jada’s AI solution recognises these behaviour patterns and identifies abusers to enable a more optimised spend on target customers.

Another valuable element of Jada’s AI solution for operators is its ability to spot harmful player betting characteristics. The Jada Brain Responsible Gaming module utilises an algorithm to determine a player’s risk of becoming a problem gambler.

Truly understanding player interests and curating a personalised user experience ensures acquisition and retention rates remain on an upward trajectory. Creating a picture of each player allows operators to build a virtual space that resonates and over time grows the bottom line.


GIO: How did Jada Brain evolve as a system? Who came up with the concept and applied it to iGaming, and which modules did Jada Brain launch with?

AA: Jada Brain’s evolution is built from years of industry experience and coming up against the same problems time and again. It was key to recognise these core issues and then design a range of bespoke modules to directly address them. It was vital to have a comprehensive solution, so for launch there were 10 core modules that cover areas like Responsible Gaming, Bonus Abuse and Churn Detection.

GIO: How long has Jada Brain been around? Has it changed much from its original form?

AA: The commercial format of the platform has been around for roughly seven months, but the idea behind it is a culmination of years’ worth of work.


GIO: What’s Jada Brain’s greatest strength, do you think? In what fields does it help operators the most?

AA: The Responsible Gaming, Affiliate Optimiser and Bonus Abuse modules are the standout elements of Jada Brain. Jada’s Responsible Gaming and Bonus Abuse modules are something to be incredibly proud of given their societal impact, while the Affiliate Optimiser has laser focus on adding true value by pulling back the curtain on what makes a campaign successful.


GIO: Why should a company choose you rather than creating something in house?

AA: Expertise is hard to find and building something as intuitive, extensive and results driven as Jada Brain requires a team of data scientists, engineers, and data visualisation experts. This is an area that we are deeply passionate about and outsourcing this to a dedicated business means that companies can focus on what feeds their passions.


GIO: I have read before that you are a big believer in design-driven companies. Can you go into that?

AA: Design is vital to our offering. Jada has put tremendous effort into the UX to ensure that information can be understood as quickly and intuitively as possible and that the overall experience is a pleasant one. The first designs were a bit rough, but we have gone through countless iterations to make something eye-catching.


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