Indian government considers online gambling ban

The Gujarat government is considering banning online gambling as part of changes to its gambling laws.

Different cities in India have recently discussed its gambling laws. This time, the Gujarat government is in the spotlight as it considers changing its current gambling laws. The changes would include a total ban on online gambling.

This would not be the first time that the Gujarat government has focused on banning online gambling; the city has already imposed a ban on a number of online video games, which was thought to increase aggression in children.

A K Singh, Ahmedabad city police chief, has asked the Gujarat game department to consider changes to gambling laws. He believes that the existing gambling laws only consider physical gambling and betting.

“Recently, the CID crime branch and home department officials had held a meeting to bring changes to gambling laws. It is tough, as gambling in some parts of the world is legal, while in India it is illegal,” said Singh.

The police chief added that they are working on it and that they already proposed to bring changes so that people, including the ones in online gambling, can be dealt in accordance with the law.