iGB Affiliate Awards shine a light on up-and-coming talent

Elaine Gardiner, who has a distinguished career in the affiliate world having held leadership positions at Betsson, Global Gaming, Cherry and GiG, and in her current role as head of client services at affiliate marketing consultancy and publisher TAG Media, has heralded the contribution of February’s iGB Affiliate Awards for recognising up-and-coming talent and helping raise standards within the industry.

Elaine Gardiner said: “The iGB Affiliate Awards launched a year or two before I joined the industry about 14-years ago, and I don’t think I’ve missed an event yet.

“The chance to win an award and be recognised by peers, competitors and stakeholders definitely gives companies – especially up-and-coming ones – something to strive for. I’ve seen the mindset of ‘ok what can we do to win next year?’ so it definitely helps to raise standards within the industry.”

“For me, they highlight the success of companies and individuals that wouldn’t ordinarily get recognition because they aren’t the biggest organisation with the biggest turnover. It showcases all the hard work that might have been missed – it really allows for everyone to have a voice.

Gardiner added: “Having won a few awards in the past, for affiliate programs I’ve worked at, I know it gives a feeling of recognition and pride in your work, especially when you’re up against some of the big names in the industry. Not to say they don’t work as equally as hard, everyone does. But for the judges to think you’ve stood out it means a lot.

“Although the categories could almost be endless, I love the fact the Awards are just for the affiliate world. I really do believe it’s a whole different world from the rest of the industry. It’s a great way to celebrate the people and companies in our industry and of course to recognise the pivotal role played by iGB Affiliate London which each year brings everyone together.”