East Africa Betting Report – Regional Challenges And Opportunities

The gambling and betting industry’s scenario in East Africa with its strong mobile infrastructure, relatively high usage of mobile money accounts, and widespread regulatory frameworks already in place, is effectively indicating the way forward for operators to make more concerted efforts to shift ever more towards the mobile channels, especially when considering the local population’s propensity to jump altogether the desktop and laptop phase. This is what BtoBet states in its latest White Paper “East Africa Betting Report”.

The leading iGaming and sportsbook platform provider’s Report gives detailed insights on:

  • Mobile money use
  • Annual gambling spend by players
  • Detailed breakdown of internet, smartphone and financial inclusion factors with year-on-year increase indications

The report also makes an in-depth analysis of the East African iGaming regulatory scenario, whilst providing key data and information regarding one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the region, Uganda.

The “East Africa Betting Report” is available for free and can be accessed on BtoBet.com.