Cammegh Token to launch on CasinoCoin blockchain

The CasinoCoin Foundation has agreed a deal with Cammegh – the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of roulette wheels – that will see Cammegh launch its own custom token on the CasinoCoin blockchain.

The Cammegh Token will enable Cammegh to transmit immutable data from each and every spin of its roulette wheels, ensuring the validity of its data and further strengthening its products against fraud.

Cammegh provides roulette wheels, integrated roulette systems and gaming digital signage to an international portfolio of premium customers in Las Vegas, London, Monte Carlo, Macau, Singapore, Melbourne and beyond.

The token will sit upon the CasinoCoin blockchain, allowing Cammegh to leverage the power of lightning fast, scalable transactions and low fees while maintaining control of its own token economy.

Richard Cammegh, Managing Director of Cammegh, said: “Cammegh has always put its customers first, so moving to blockchain technology is a natural progression for us. The Cammegh Token enables us to generate huge levels of secure data and provide the software tools and products to help our customers improve their customers’ experience, streamline operations, manage costs …. the list goes on.

“CasinoCoin are the market leaders in gaming blockchain technology so we at Cammegh are especially pleased to become the first third-party to launch a bespoke token on its blockchain”

John Caldwell, director of advocacy at the CasinoCoin Foundation, said: “We have increasingly been approached by potential partners keen to utilise our technology with their own custom tokens on the CasinoCoin blockchain. This gives their founders complete control over branding, token supply and their token environment, while still enabling them to leverage our best-in-class technology.

“To have secured Cammegh, one of gaming’s most trusted and innovative providers, as our first partner is fantastic, and we are certain the deal will considerably strengthen CasinoCoin as a whole.”

Cammegh Token is the first custom token to launch on the CasinoCoin blockchain, with more expected to be announced in the coming months. More information can be found on the CasinoCoin website.

Last month, Cammegh Managing Director Richard Cammegh joined the CasinoCoin Foundation advisory board, becoming the first member of the non-profit with a focus on land-based gaming.