BetGames: Wheel of Fortune

BetGames.TV Head of Product Vytautas Kačerauskas talks about the company’s enhanced Wheel of Fortune product currently wowing players

GIO: Do you have any other game enhancements coming up for your customers? What games have you already improved and how?

VK: We’re always looking at avenues for improvement, either by making small adjustments or offering new features. We’re planning to enhance our lottery products this year, plus some changes are planned for several of our cards games. Most of them are dedicated to online and specifically mobile users.


GIO: What countries is this designed for?

VK: As we’re a global supplier, we affect the majority of our changes to be compliant in most jurisdictions.


GIO: How did you approach this reinvention of the wheel, what was the process given that you have even overhauled the look of the studio, the music, everything?

VK: We’re big on feedback, it pays to listen to your operator partners and their players – we were seeing an increasing amount of opinion that the overall vibe of the package was looking a little tired and there was an appetite for change. Additionally, there were concerns about the possible perception of reliability with a hand-spun wheel across all of its sectors over time, so we moved to prevent that and to ensure continued confidence. The solution was checked and approved by a laboratory with highest levels of independence and integrity.


The Covid pandemic also raised issues – we were not sure if we could keep a presenter in a studio, so we needed to have an alternative in case there was no option other than to switch to remote working. These were the foundations of the overall change and we fleshed it out with new lighting, music, a second camera angle, full-screen mode and additional statistics. We’re really pleased with the outcome and the early reaction from operators has been overwhelmingly positive!


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