– Rock Paper Scissors’s Vytautas Kacerauskas talks to Gaming International Online about the company’s latest hit – Rock Paper Scissors.

They say the simplest games are the most effective and stand the biggest chance of becoming an enduring hit  – so BetGames’ Rock Paper Scissors stands a great chance of becoming the company’s next major online breakout.’s Vytautas Kacerauskas talked to GIO about the launch. Please note, this game was launched prior to the company’s rebrand.


Q: How often is the deck shuffled? And how many hands a minute can be played at optimum speed?

A: The deck is shuffled after every run. The process is: we shuffle the deck of 24 cards (8 of each type), open one card for the Silver Zone and one for Gold. The results are announced, then a freshly shuffled deck is prepared for the next game, using machines to speed up the process. There are 20 seconds allocated for betting in each round, so two editions per minute and when the player bets on both (Silver and Gold) sides, they are utilising four hands per minute.


Q: Are there any side bets available, or is this game about simplicity and speed?

A: Side bets are not currently available. When we develop game concepts and possible features or extras, we usually opt for an extended selection. In the case of RPS, we considered using different coloured cards to offer side bets, but maximising simplicity and speed of play were our top priorities, so we decided not to overcomplicate it. We offer a range of diverse games throughout our portfolio so we can cater to as large a cross-section of players as possible This game was designed to meet the expectations of those who look for a simple, familiar, fast-paced game, allowing players to double their stakes swiftly.


Q: What has the reception been like with both operators and players? Do you know how many hands have been played since the launch in early February?

A: We’ve received hugely positive feedback from operators since launch, reading favourable reviews online from industry comparison sites and analysts too. While players need more time to adopt RPS we’ve already seen it given some pleasing attention from VIP players, so we’re confident the choice of this classic game was the right move.

In terms of numbers, over 70,000 online players have played so far. We’ve already passed 1 million bets and we’re looking forward to introducing this simple yet exhilarating game to more operators and players.


Q: Is it possible this title will enjoy a longer life than usual, as it is a game recognised worldwide by all ages?

A: Good question! Of course, we certainly hope so. But we must bear in mind that the current global circumstances. We were planning to hold an official presentation of RPS during ICE Totally Gaming in London, but of course, sadly the show has been cancelled this year. Some may consider a game launch during the pandemic to be a gamble but given the classic global profile of the game and our presentation of it, it’s a good bet that it will enjoy great longevity and drive impressive revenue for operators.


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